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We can work together to restore balance to your body so that it can function the way it was designed to function.

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Registered nurse + integrative wellness coach helping you heal body, mind + spirit so you can design a life with joy + purpose

I am a holistic nurse who has over 10 years experience working in the healthcare system, the majority of those years in emergency medicine. Although I work with anyone, I'm most passionate about helping mothers and families experience true, lasting, generational wellness. If working in the ER has taught me anything it's that you can live a healthy, beautiful life outside of a hospital setting. You just need the tools and I'm here to help you with that. Your personal nurse advocate!

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Offering personalized care + a safe environment where you can be your true + authentic self so we can finally get to the root cause of your symptoms + identify what’s been holding you back from a truly beautiful life.

Women & family wellness | Hormone balancing | Chronic stress + Inflammation reduction | Chronic disease management | Anti-aging beauty + wellness products

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Scott R.

My experience of working with Elizabeth can best be summed up with the words “Joy” and “Success”!  Not only was her approach to my issues thoughtful and analytical, but also calm and encouraging.  Without judgment, she helped me identify goals that quickly set me on a path of success!  Yes, I was motivated for change.  But without her kind and grace-filled encouragement, I’m not not sure I would have really had the desire to change!  I’m thankful for her love of God and others, and thankful for her encouragement along every step of the journey we shared!

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If you take anything away from the time you spend here I hope it's that you know that you are beautiful, loved and created in God's image. The world needs your light. So keep shining.

While you're here, be sure to check out my blog for tips on reducing your chemical exposures, balancing your stress + hormones naturally, and staying healthy outside of a hospital setting.

Stay beautiful.


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