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Why Working in the ER Has Changed My Perspective on Healthcare

A word of warning from an ER nurse

I've been a nurse for nearly a decade and I've worked in emergency medicine for the past 6 years. I've cared for hundreds of patients throughout my career and I love the science + art of nursing. However a shift is happening. A shift away from the patient and helping people live well and towards a business with a revolving door. Healthcare has become less about helping you live truly healthy and more about stabilizing your symptoms from visit to visit. It's becoming nearly impossible to see your primary doctor for anything other than a well visit and if you aren't well? Well you better go to urgent care, your doctor can't see you. What?? Why else do you need your doctor if not because you are sick?

The ER and UC waiting rooms are overflowing and the wait times aren't getting any shorter.

There has to be a better way!

If you are going in to 2022 and still thinking your doctor has more influence on your state of well-being than you do, you're in for a reality check my friend. And I'm not just talking about diet and exercise because we all know that, right? But what I'm referring to is the fact that you have more power than you think, you just need to reclaim that power.

Why working in the ER has changed my perspective on healthcare

Don't get me wrong, there is definitely a time and place where a doctor visit is necessary so don't misunderstand me. However I started to see a pattern in patients coming in. Patients would be experiencing real symptoms but all of the testing we do in our western, allopathic health practices would come up normal. Patients would often leave feeling frustrated or with a prescription to just manage their symptoms without treating the root cause.

I started researching more into chemicals in our environment and holistic healing and that’s when it all clicked for me!

Did you know that over half of the US population has at least 1 chronic disease? And that the rate of chronic disease in children has more than tripled in the past 5 decades? And guess what? Nearly every chronic disease is caused by environmental factors. So despite the advances in medical technology, we are more sick than ever before.

So what is the answer?

I want to be a part of helping people live beautiful, healthy lives. As access to healthcare becomes more limited and with chronic disease on the rise it is vital you begin to take your health seriously. With my nursing education and experience and strong passion for helping others, I've learned that it is in fact possible to treat your underlying cause not just your symptoms. So now I help millennial moms reduce their family's chemical exposures and guide them to a healthy and well life they can easily do without going to an ER or UC. Through switching out your everyday products to healthier ones and helping identify and manage chronic stress, treating your root causes not just symptom management, it is possible to build a beautiful, healthy life not just for you but for your family as well.

Stay Beautiful

Elizabeth Rose | Building Beautiful Lives

On a mission to help women heal their mind and body from the inside out so they can show up with more confidence in everything they do and build a life that’s altogether beautiful.


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