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I had a great experience with Elizabeth. I felt like she didn’t judge me for whatever topic we were gonna be discussing. I feel like I could be open and honest with her during her discussions. She validated my feelings and experiences. She did not dominate the conversation, but she kept the conversation going. I appreciated grounding ourselves before our sessions. By the end, even my husband said he has noticed a change in me! I’ve worked with other coaches before so I knew a little of what to expect but I feel like Elizabeth helped me get farther than other coaches have in the past.

Cassie B.

I came to Elizabeth seeking help for my mental and emotional health. I feel like Elizabeth listened without judgement in a way no one else has ever done. I felt like she was truly there for me and interested in my wellbeing. As a result of our time together I was able to identify some of my triggers and come up with creative ways to improve my mental and emotional health. She helped me feel validated in my situation and feelings but she lovingly didn’t let me stay there. I would 100% recommend Elizabeth for anyone looking to live a beautiful life as she likes to say.

Kayli P.

Prior to being coached by Elizabeth, I was in a "deep-slump” regarding my personal health.  Over-worked with limited time to address my own healthcare issues, I felt lost, trapped, and in despair.  My energy seemed low, my anxiety was high, and my most import family and social relationships were demonstrating evidence of fracturing under the weight of all this.  Thinking about what I needed “to do” to correct the fearful road that lay ahead of me, I sought advice from my Nurse Coach, Elizabeth!  Truly, she was God-sent!  In our first session together, Elizabeth was able to guide me through questions that both challenged me and help me to identify specific health struggles that were at the root of my personal healthcare “crisis”.  Turns out the problems weren’t really the GIANTS that filled my mind, but were rather easily managed once I began to see things as they really were!  Since our time together, I am now managing my daily diets in a more holistically healthy way (I’ve lost 10 pounds at my last weigh-in), I’m sleeping most nights throughout the entire night while achieving 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, my daily glucose monitoring has improved and my numbers are now “more-often-than-not” near or below 100,  and the usual mental fog that filled most of my my days has now subsided.  I’m filled with greater energy, more productive work days, and still have energy left over to be “present” with family and friends!!!  Heck, I’m now on the road to eliminating my Type 2 diabetes meds from my daily life!!!

Scott R.

She will listen with genuine curiosity, pull out your strengths and help guide you through the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

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