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My Top 4 Essential Oils to Support Your Stress Response

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One of my favorite, fast ways to support my body's stress response is through the use of essential oils. Research shows these are more than just nice smelling liquids in a bottle but that they actually have an impact on the body at a cellular level.

When it comes to essential oils, there are a lot of options.

So where do you start?

An important thing, if not the most important thing, to remember when it comes to using essential oils is the source. You cannot and I repeat CANNOT be using drug store or generic essential oils. In fact I don't use any personal care products from a box store (like Target, Walmart, Amazon etc). The reason is this is an unregulated industry and you need to be using oils that are independently tested for not only quality but additives + contaminants. The reason being you don't want to be wasting your money on low-quality or synthetic oils that aren't going to provide you with the intended benefit or worse, be contaminated and actually cause harm.


If you think you’re ready to buy essential oils, ask these three questions first:

  1. Does the company you plan to buy from provide information about where their oils come from and how they’re made?

  2. Does the company test their oils for adulteration or contamination before selling the final product?

  3. Does the company use unbiased, third-party testing? Do they share test results with the public?

Now that we've addressed that, here are the oils I go to first when my

stress + inflammation are high.


Not only does this oil contain biologically active constituents shown to reduce both acute and chronic inflammation but a study found that after inhalation the study group had improved cortisol levels and decreased blood pressure.


A blend of 5 essential oils known to help increase feelings of courage and calm. This blend helps empower and strengthen you to overcome personal challenges. It helps balance emotions, especially anxiety or "nervous energy" often caused by a fight or flight response that is in overdrive.


As a citrus oil, lime contains vitamin C which is not only a powerful antioxidant

but helps balance cortisol as well. It is great to help relieve that "nervous energy"

in your chest caused by your overworked adrenals. It has also been said that lime

can aid in the release of cellular memory of trauma (hello chronic stress!).


A high frequency oil, Rose has been shown to affect the brain directly and is noted in multiple studies regarding essential oils and their ability to reduce cellular stress and relieve anxiety[source].

Using these essential oils aromatically or topically is a fast + simple way to support your stress response throughout the day. Allowing stress to take over our lives could be the biggest mistake of the 21st century. Since stress is a leading cause of inflammatory disease, moving toward a more balanced life is a core recommendation for the prevention of most diseases. *It is important to note that essential oils are proven to support your body however they are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease. The information here is for informational purposes only and is in no way official medical advice.

To get started with these oils I put together a couple stress support bundles you can purchase here and here.

The above links are affiliate links meaning I earn a small commission at no additional cost to you on any products you purchase through clicking one of the links.

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