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Simple Swap + Save Guide: Choose safer AND more effective products for your home

More and more people are searching for safer and more effective products, as the effects of chemicals in our environment become more widely known. But once you start down that path it can often feel so overwhelming. Where do you even start?

First things first, take a breath. You've already made the first step by acknowledging the power you have to take control of the health of your family. The facts are though, you can't avoid all toxins in your environment. That's not what this is about. If you try to do that you will only cause yourself stress and anxiety and remember, stress can be just as toxic to your health if not more. The important thing is to reduce your chemical exposures, not avoid them completely.

So, my advice is to start with the products you come into contact with on a regular basis — personal care products and cleaning products. Not only are these some of the most toxic products in your home but they are also the easiest to swap out. Whether you want to wait until you run out and are ready to purchase new or just straight up ditch + switch, start with your personal care, beauty and cleaning products and work up from there.

Food + water are obviously very important switches to consider. After all, the saying "you are what you eat" couldn't be more true. Food also happens to be one of the most stressful switches for people so give yourself grace and take it one step at a time.

I've put together the following guide to share with you some of my favorite safer swaps that my family uses. There are SO many safe/non-toxic companies out there that it can get a little overwhelming. I've found it most helpful to identify brands that I trust that are committed to science, innovation and 3rd party testing. I also prefer brands that own their own research & development and manufacturing and are committed to sustainability so I can be confident that they aren't just slapping a label on a generic product and calling it their own.

Now some of these might not be 100% clean but they are clinically tested to be safe and like I've said before, this is about reducing your exposures and sometimes you have to give a little to find the right balance between safe AND effective.

*If you are looking for clean makeup brands I can recommend a few I know others love. I personally did not include any makeup brands on my guide because I don't wear anything other than mascara! Since healing my hormones, my skin cleared up and with using an anti-aging plant-based skincare line, my skin tone, texture and acne scarring have all improved! I now prefer to go without makeup most days. Some cleaner brands I know others love include Crunchi, Beauty Counter, and Savvy Minerals.

EDIT: Since the creation of this guide MONAT has since launched skincare makeup! That has since become the brand that I personally use and love. Makeup that is skincare, skincare that is makeup. What could be better?

Every product on the guide includes a clickable link. There are discount codes available for some but not all. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

I will update this guide as I continue to learn and discover new brands :)

*Some of the links below may include affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission from your purchases via the links below at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I use, love and have researched well.

Personal Care

Primally Pure deodorant- save $10 off $50 via link




Shampoo + Conditioner

MONAT- Products are customized to your hair type + need, take this quiz to get started


Dry Shampoo

Hair Oil

Pregnancy + Postpartum

Stretch Mark Prevention

Nipple Cream

Postpartum mineral supplements

Health + Wellness


Fruit + Greens


Protein Powder


Sleep Support


Cleanser + Moisturizer

MONAT- Save 15% as a VIP. Products are customized to your skin type

Day Serum

C Serum

Night Serum

Body Wash

Bend Soap Co.- Save $10 via link

Body Lotion

Bend Soap Co.- Save $10 via link

Facial Sunscreen

Eye Cream



All Purpose Cleaner



Bodycare + Bath

Bend Soap Co.- Save $10 via link

Cradle Cap


Evivo Infant Probiotics-Save $10 via link


Clean Skin Club Facial Towels- frequent discounts, let me know if you need a link

Mudwtr - Save $10 via link

Butcher Box-Save $30 plus free ground beef for life!

Misfits Market- Save $10 via link

Water Filtration

Low- AquaTru

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